FAQ for laser hair removal, body reshaping, skin and other medical spa services.


Laser Hair Removal

Is it safe? Does it hurt?

How is the technology utilized by Dermaniche Advanced Aesthetics superior?

Is the process safe?

Is hair removal safe for dark skin?

Can hair removal be done during summer, and on a tanned skin?

Do I need to clear my schedule for my hair removal treatment session?

How many treatment sessions will I need for hair removal?

Body Reshaping

What kind of machine is being used at Dermaniche Advanced Aesthetics?

Are there any side effects?

Is the treatment painful?

What happens to the fat?

How many treatment sessions will I need before I see the results?

How long is each session?

How do I know that the treatment worked?

Skin Restoration & Rejuvenation

Is the skin restoration & rejuvenation treatment safe?

Is the treatment painful?

Will there be a downtime after treatment?

How many sessions are recommended for treating an skin condition like acne or acne scars?

Can leg veins and vascular lesions be treated with your techniques?

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